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short dump when implementing CL_DD_BUTTON_ELEMENT

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I have found a Class/method to disable or make invisible a button on a screen... yay! :lol:

anyway, this is what i have coded so far in my BAdi....

      DATA: lc_dd_button_element TYPE REF TO cl_dd_button_element.
      DATA: lc_dd_form_element   TYPE REF TO cl_dd_form_element.

      CREATE OBJECT lc_dd_form_element
          id = 'A1F1B5'.

      CREATE OBJECT lc_dd_button_element
          id = 'A1F1B5'.

      CALL METHOD lc_dd_button_element->disable_button.

the 'ID' is the button i am trying to disable...

can someone point me in the right direction? when i debug this, the id has a value, so i added the object lc_dd_form_element but it still short dumps...

the short dump is: Runtime Errors OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED


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the sap help is here:

i have gone for the tried and tested method of implementing the "where-used list" button and added the following code:

     CREATE OBJECT lc_cl_dd_area
          id = 'a1f1b5'.

      CALL METHOD lc_cl_dd_area->add_form
          formarea = form.

this is to allegedly populate the table that i am being told is Null...

when i call the method and add_form, the table is being populated, yet when it comes out of the method and into the the disable_button method, it is not populated....

i feel i am getting closer... but still at arms length....

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i modified SAP standard to not bypass my badi.