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Shipment/Freight cost estimation and simulation

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Hello Gurus,

I have a request to build a report that shows the freight cost by supplier given an Shipping point at point of departure and destination country/region.

Basically what we want is to read the supplier freight costs table and build a list of prices for a given route. This would help to justify the choice of suppliers given their costs by route. The main goal is to compile all prices for all the transport suppliers we have and return a list of the ones that offer us the best solution.

For what I've seen there are some function modules that simultate the transport/freight costs, but all of them assume that a transport and a number actually exists, this is the way that standard transactions behave when creating a new transport.

So far I've tried to use FM:



I've also activated and analised trace on transaction tk12 till the point I get the cot values for a given supplier (the matrix with region origin/destination) and tried to find a way elaborate a query to relate the tables involved, but had no luck.

I assume that the suppliers I want are in table A925 that relates them to a condition, then I go to KONH and KONP. What I haven't been able to do is to relate that condition to the orgin/destination region codes and furthermore to the bi-dimensional table of prices VFSCAR2 that actually has the prices for each supplier.

If I use transaction TK12, that allows me to maintain the prices for each transport supplier and filter by Incoterms, Shipping Conditions, Destination country and go to the alv that shows me a list prices if I double click the price cell a popup opens with the exact infomation I want to find:

Example: Freight Rate:

Object : 000000000000000284

Postal code of desti equa : 09 A poi equa : ES24 A

Amount : 934,00

so how can I get to this data?

Please help.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Joao,

Did you check VFSI table data, normally we create shipment cost data throughVI01/02 TCodes and the shipment data is then stored in VFSI. In VFSI you can get the link to KONV tables as well.


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Hi Silva

I have a similar requirement. have you resolved it?

i want shipment cost based on route and forwarding agent.