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Set font-family of text from in SmartForms

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I do a Include Text from my SAP SmartForms, which created from Text Editor (/nSO10). How can I set a font type to the text from the text editor? I do not want to use ABAP to do anything with the text. But it seems that in SmartForms,I have no way to change the font-family of the text from the text editor (/nSO10).

Please help. Thanks


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There is a way out for your requirement.

In SO10.go in change mode for your text object

Go to Format -> Change Form

and assign u r form in that ...

Hence all font familly which you creae in script/smartform

will be applicable here ...

u will assign it accordingly.

*REWARD if this helps

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seems better now. however, i just analysed the printing output from my SmartForms (I printed using SAPGOF device type).

i chose "JPMINCHO" font for the text in my Text Editor. However, when it printed out from SmartForms, it became Helvitica. See below. Do you know why? I promise to reward you. Please help

//XSAPGOF 0640 00000000001



OPDINA4 P 144 240 1683811906000010000100001




FCHELVE 120X 00100X 410300067






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I think you can change in smartstyles(TCODE- SMARTSTYLES)

you can insert the text here and use in smartforms

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My text is created in Text Editor(/nSo10), not SmartForms. So how can I link the SmartStyles to my Text Editor?

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No ..

I mean to say you write the Text in smartstyles and assign it to smartforms.

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incase if you want to use so10,then in so10 u can assign ur form to script or smartform.

There is an option..

everytime when ever u make changes in so10,save and activate

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I can only create a Style that I want in SmartStyles. I am not supposed to have my data in SmartStyles.

Any suggestion?

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do like this

in so10

in format option go to Change Form and give ur form name

try this ....

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May be your priter is not accepting font which you have applied. Not sure though.