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set fixed key column position

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Hi together,

I am using class CL_SALV_TABLE for displaying ALV outputs.

I´ve defined several key-columns (method 'set_key') and use method 'set_key_fixation' .

Since 'set_key_fixation' apparently only works when (at least) one key column is beeing display

as the first column (position 1 of the ALV output table) I want to freeze the postion of the key column

( that you can´t remove the column or move the column to another position)

Any idea?

Thanks vor any help


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plz follow this link,mat solve ur problem

thanks & regards.

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Thanks so far.

The link does not really solve my problem.

I want to make sure that the key columns can not be removed or moved to another position.

Even If you use method 'SET_KEY_PRESENCE_REQUIRED' you will still be able to change position

(...and thus to 'abrogate' column fixation)

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try use this method:



hope this helps u

thanks & regards.

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This is probably another issue with SALV class... You could still grab a cl_gui_alv_grid object from your salv adapter and play with methods from this class (e.g. SET_FIXED_COLS)

have a look to this blog:

Here we bypass the restrictions of the SALV model to enable the editable functionnality... guess you could work similarily for your issue...