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Sequence to retrive the value.

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Hi All,

I have a Ztable.

In that table i have values in domain'value table' , foriegn key, check table search help.

What is the priority to get the the values from the ztables.

I mean is the ztable search the values for domain value table or foreign key and so on.

Plase let me know



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Did you listen about the buffering of tables? that's the main criteria to fetch data.. from a Ztable...

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1. Check table

2. Foreign Key

3. Value Table

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HI Avinash,

Thank you for your information.

For example i have table FAGLFLEXT.In that field i have field 'RBUKRS'.

I am using this field in the n my FI drill down report.

I am geeting the description for the value .Ex: 00001 SAP A:G.

In the Entry help check button i want to know from where i am geeting this description from table FAGLFLEXT.

I think you understand my problem.