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Select via Application Log Context

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Hi Gurus,

when I want to display data from the Application Log I have to select the appropriate handles and load them into the memory. Someone knows how I can select the handles via context fields?

E.g. I have the fields MATNR, PLANT, WEMNG in the context. How can I select all handles that store data from plant 1000?

Thanks in Advance,




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Hello Steffen

I have used the log context once but, unfortunately, I do not have the coding anymore.

However, have a look at the plenty sample reports in package <b>SZAL</b>, in particular at report <b>SBAL_CALLBACK</b>. If you debug the report for a while I am sure you will see how to log context works.



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Look into the function group SBAL .

There are lot of function modules available related to application log, find, change, add, delete.

This might help.

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Hi Guys,

thanks for your reply. I already found out how I can write the Context, but I wanted to do selections (of the handles) directly via the content of the context. Thats the question, nothing in general about the Application Log.

Help is much appreciated.

Best Regards,


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No one knows sth about this?

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Hm, just found BAL_GLB_SEARCH_MSG. He's doing exactly what I need (-> Importing I_T_MSG_CONTEXT_FILTER), but only for data in the memory and not from the database.