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Dear Frens,

I have a requirement where in which i need to select some 1000 records at once from a master DB table.

For that, i know we can use 'cursor' which implicitly takes care of the index DB pointer, which allows to read 1000 then 1000 records,so on sequentially.

In case of a RFC call, i should not use cursor.

Hence the option that i have left is use some condition in select query to fetch 1000 records.

This is the select query :

select distinct addrnumber from ADRC

into corresponding fields of table sel_tab

up to 1000 rows

where addrnumber GE ls_addrnumber

order by addrnumber.

here ls_addrnumber stores last read Addrnumber.

This query can select 1000 records at once. But the problem i have is that, the database is always cannot be in a sorted manner. Hence the condition which i have used above to fetch next 1000 records will not be fruitful, there is a change of missing some records.

Can anybody have any better solution. As i said earlier, i cannot use cursors.

Reply asap,.

WIth Best regards,



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Try using package size.


Sriram Ponna.

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I cannot use package size and up to rows serves the same purpose to restrict the number of enties. i cannot use package size in my case as it needs endselect. But the problem is with the condtion which selects next set of records.

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Either u have to modify table with one more ref field update that field while u r selecting set of 1000 records .


Take bunch records in Internal table and pass set of 1000 records in to another internal table for processing then delete these records from first internal table. That way u can proceed.

Regards ,


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solved by myself.