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Select-Options: Don't display key, display value Text

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I've got the following issue. I'm using SELECT-OPTION's to get some ranges. Now I've got some SELECT-OPTION's with value helps. In the value helps the whole Text is shown ("Editor"), when I choose it only the key will be displayed in the Textfield ("E").

Is it possible to display the whole text in the textfield after choosing it from the value help?

My first idea was to use stadard character fields to build a own value help, but this would be a lot of work.

Thanks & Best regards,



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I assume that the issue is resolved trough your GUI settings. While logged in the system, press ALT-F12 and go to Options... Then, go to the tab named "Expert" and unclick the option "Show Keys in All dropdown Lists". Logoff and logon again and you are done.

Reward if it helps.



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Hey George,

Please stay in context... I've got SELECT-OPTION's and no drop-down Fields used! It has nothing to do with GUI-Settings, I'd like to know if there is a standard method for doing this...

Any further ideas?

Thanks & Best regards,