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Security in reports.

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can we give authorization to users to view particular fields of a report?


Lijo Joseph


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Can you give an example, Lijo ?

If I have understood correctly, does it mean

If there are 2 users, A and B and there are parameters viz. P_LIFNR and P_MATNR. 

User A, does not have proper privileges. Therefore he will only see P_LIFNR. 

User B, has proper privileges. Therefore he can see both the parameters.

Let me know, if this is what you meant by your question.


Subramanian V.

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Hi Subramanian,

Thanks for your replay. I have a report in which Material and its sales value are there. but as you said for one user i want to display Sales value where as in other i dont want to view it.

I dont want to put the logic in program.

Can you sugest some other way?


Lijo Joseph

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Hi Lijo,

One way or another you will have to do some kind of coding. Best way to go forward is to use authorization objects. You then have to do the coding only once and will be able to authorize users using standard authorization mechanisms.

Check is there is already an authorization object you can use, or create one yourself and add the "AUTHORITY-CHECK" statement in your report.