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Second ASN generation

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Hi experts,

My requirement is that i need to create two ASN's after PGI. One is regular asn for the customer for advance shipment notification. The 2nd asn is for the pallet provider. An ASN has to be sent to the pallet provider so that they can track their pallets. This ASN needs to have just details about the pallet and no other information is required. The details being: Ship-From, Ship-To, Bill of Lading number, Number of pallets.

Now, I guess i can create another ASN by playing with output determination and having a routine somewhere in some program. Can anyone tell me if this scenario is possible. Also, any program where i need to do some development. Also, the fields on sales order from where i can get the required info. Any technical information regarding this will be appreciated.



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Is this an IDoc?

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Yes, I need to create an IDOC. sorry for not mentioning it before.

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The way I can think of doing this is something like this.

Use two output types both of which will generate that same Idoc.

In the IDoc processing function module, use a user exit to remove the values that you don't want to send on the pallet ASN.

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What if the pallet ASN need not be created everytime. It has to be generated only when the material is being sent in pallet. When it is not, i need to generate only one ASN. So, can i have an user exit in IDOC processing FM or should i have an extra routine in RSNASTED/RSNAST00 (not sure which program) to check whether to create the pallet ASN or not?

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That should be part of your output determination, not the user exit. In your output procedure, against the new output type for pallet, have a requirement wherein you do the checking if it needs to be created or not based on your checks.