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Search help to fill 2 related fields

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I have a table that I populate though SM30.

I have 2 fields and I have a matchcode for the first one. Since the end one is a description field, I would like that the when I choose a value from the searchhelp, it return 2 values , 1 to each for name, and one for description

Is this possible and how?




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Hi Soobhany

Assumptions: The math code you have for the first field is custom (means You created that Match code)

for your req:

you need to go into the search help and do some modifications.

Se11> search help > ex: BUPAP > change

check the check box for the second field (description) IMP (import)

which means when you see the two fields in the search help screen and select ur choice the description will also get imported to the screen.

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I have used the same matchcode for both fields

and regenerate the table maintenance and it worked out.


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could you please nearly describe, what do you mean with "regenerate the table maintenance". I'm facing the same problem and don't know how to solve it.

Thank you in advance


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U need to go in SE11 and open the table from which the fields are from.

once you have modified necessary things, go to Utilities --> table maintenance generator and click on the delete Icon and create the whole thing again. It should work hopefully.

Actually, it was a friend who got that problem and explained to me how he solved it.

Good luck