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search help for parameters with dialog

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Hi all.

i've created SH for parameter on selection screen with event "at selection-screen on value-request...". it works good, but without any dialog. and i need to make some dialog.

any ideas? is it possible to do?

thanks in advance


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Which value did you put in "Dialog behaviour/Dialog type" in your Elementary Search Help ?

Choose "Dialog with value restriction" if you want to immediately display the dialog box for restriction.

Don't use


but link the parameter to the search help with

MATCHCODE OBJECT <your search help>


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Hi, Raymond

thanks for your answer, but my problem is that i have no SH. but i do it with FM F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST.

and now i want to find the way to display dialog.


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I presume you want a dialog to restrict the data displayed,

use the parameters CALLBACK_PROGRAM and CALLBACK_FORM, to display a dialog for restricting the values to display.


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oh, Raymond

maybe You have any exaples. I've never met this before

thanks in advance

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Look at thread like

But honestly, if you can use a real SE11 search help that would be much better.


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i know that se11 would be much better but not in my situation. i tried to create one but it doesh't work as i want because i have many reletions between tables.

my situation is:

from table X i must get internal number from known external (from input values on screen),

after that in table Y i must find all the reference internal numbers from internal (find in X),

and third step: i must find external numbers in table X from list of reference internal numbers

really hard to understand

thanks for your help

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Hi Alexei,

even in your case a search help may be the better alternative.

You can use a search help exit that performs the data selection.

Implement step 'SELECT' and use function module F4UT_RESULTS_MAP to put the data in the search help data structure.

This has e.g. the advantage that you can easily use the test facility of search helps to debug your code.