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Search Help F4 Value List not appearing

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Hi All,

I have changed elementary search help to include the MTART field for Material Type.

When I test my changes after activation, the value list button doesn't appear, and even if I push the F4 key I am not given the value list.

I have done this for other elementary search helps for the same field, with the exact same data element and domain (MTART), and when I test I do see a dropdown on the field.

I have tried everything and done a comparison between the two search helps and cannot see any differences, I cannot understand why the dropdown doesnt appear. Anyone know what the problem could be?

I have also looked for SAP OSS Notes but could not find anything that is not already implemented or not relevant.



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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It's difficult to answer why there is no drop down without having a look at your code for F4.

Out of curiosity - are you using Windows 8 by any chance?

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Thanks for your reply.

No I am not using windows 8.

This is a modification of a standard elementary search help MAT1W_N. That is the data dictionary object, its not used in any custom program. Its used as part of the collective search help for search of materials, like in transaction MM03.

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SAP OSS Notes are related to issue with standard code or any inconsistency.

In your case the requirement is not clear as issue is faced by you try to delete and create again .

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Hi Sai,

I have tried to delete and create again, without any success.

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I managed to find the issue.

The selection method is a custom database view of tables MARA and MARC and although the field MTART was in the view the joins between the tables MARA and MARC were completed I had neglected to add the MANDT field in the join condition, that is the MARA-MANDT = MARC-MANDT line was missing.

This prevented the dataelement MTART domain MTART from being used for a check table.

I noted this when comparing the foreign key data for the field MTART in two different view, the one that worked, and the one in question. The one in question didnt find any foreign keys for the MTART field but the one that worked did. - This was my clue.