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SE80 advantages over Eclipse

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are there some advantages of SE80 over Eclipse?

Or in other words:

What does SE80 have which Eclipse don't have?

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How can you compare Eclipse with SE80. they are different.

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Currently SE80 and eclipse are used for two different purposes, so you can not really compare the two in doing the same thing. SE80 is used to develop ABAP applications, and eclipse is used to develop java applications via NWDS(NetWeaver Developer Studio). Basically SE80 allows you to develop on the server, and NWDS allows you to develop locally on your laptop, and then you deploy the application to the server. This is one main difference.

SAP has been annouced that it is working on an ABAP plug-in for eclipse where you can do your ABAP development from within eclipse directly, but it will still be connected to some backend NetWeaver system, so you may feel like you are developing locally, but the plug-in will make calls to the backend when it needs to. Look for this in the future, it is not going to be available anytime soon.


Rich Heilman

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Yes I know that SE80 and NWDS are different.

But are there some anvantages of SE80 over NWDS related to work with the development tool, like forward navigation or something like that?



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As you said you are aware of the differences of SE80 and Eclipse, therefore how can you ask for the advantages of SE80 over Eclipse.

I am aware that SE80 and a cup of coffee are different, but I would like to know the advantages SE80 has over that very same cup of coffee.

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Let me try:

The advantage of SE80 is that you can use it to develop ABAP applications for your SAP system, which you can't through NWDS.

The advantage of NWDS is that you can use it to develop Java applications for your SAP system, which you can't through SE80.

It's a bit like asking "What's the advantage of using Excel over Word". The answer is: it depends what you're wanting to do!

The advantage of SE80 over a cup of coffee is that withdrawal from coffee causes a headache, but withdrawal from SE80 cures a headache.


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I tried starting NWDS but I receive error message

"Transaction NWDS does not exist"

Can you guide me in this matter?

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Hi everyone.

I actually like the original question. Both, SE80 and eclipse are integrated development environment. Yes, the languages are completly different but the development environment is an important factor if a language is fun to use or not. And if there is something that is way better in one of the tools it's worth thinking about why the other does lack this feature.

My personal most liked features in SE80:

- forward navigation

- where used list

- debugger (I think the abap debugger is nice for everyone but for us here at SAP it's more than perfect. I just was in a session where we had to debug in a productive customer system to find some memory problems. I've never seen such a powerfull tool in any other environment)

What I dislike:

- sometimes to much mouse usage. I like my keyboard.

- I grew up with emacs. Some of it's function would be nice in ABAP editor, too

In an evolving world there is always space for improvement. And the new frontend editor offers some features that were missing before.