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SDN forums as newsgroups?

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Is there a possibilty to mirror the SDN forums as NNTP newsgroups or vice versa?

We have already existing newsgroups and most people there prefer news.

It's like web based emails, it's possible but everybody uses decent mail client for everyday use.

And second, will there be a destinction between internal and external forums? Most stuff in the internal newsgroups covers not released stuff.



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Hi Dirk,

It is on top of our priority list to have newsgroup functionality integrated in the SDN forums, but don't know yet when we will have it.

So far there are only SDN forums, no internal external seperation.

Best, Mark.

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I welcome the lack of internal/external distinction. There's no danger of accidentally posting to the wrong forum because you know it's external.

However, the ability to be notified of posts and respond to posts via e-mail is essential for quality of the forums.

I've noticed that SAP workflow forums that are pure-web are pretty low quality in terms of answers and the response ratio. However mail-based have high-quality posts and good response ratios. I guess it's because e-mail support forums encourage:

a) fast response times

b) opportunity to respond offline with more thought and care (in a plane/bus or waiting for a meeting to start).

All the best,


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I completely agree with Dirk. Unless I can access forums by NNTP (using a newsreader with all its functionality that the web based forum will never match), I won't visit forums often. It's just too slow and complicated to navigate (and many of the subjects are abbreviated with "..." so you don't know what the topic really is about).