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SD Pricing

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hei all,

please help.

i have these requirement regarding SD pricing.

i have 3 condition type.

cond type ZZCA --> calc type : Fixed amount.

cond type ZZCB --> calc type : fixed amount

cond type ZZZZ --> calc type : quantity

let say: value of cond type ZZCA = 100, then ZZCB 25.

then i want condition rate of ZZZZ (KBETR) will be (ZZCA/ZZCB) --> 100/25 = 4

so, when i made sales order with quantity = 50 PCS, and ZZCA = 100, ZZCB = 25, the value of ZZZZ will be

=(100/25) * 50 PCS


how we do that? do we have to use routine in VOFM or user exit?

can anyone give me the code for this requirement.

you valuable input will be highly appreciated.

Best Regard,



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Yes, you would use a calculation formula created in VOFM for that. The code, of course, depends on your configuration but you'll make it easier by using subtotal fields (6 available by standard, many, many more by configuration/development). There are many examples of calculations in the standard; just take a look at them and implement the logic you've described.

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