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Screen with table control which works like SM30

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I have a screen with some parameters in order to obtain some records from

a custom table. In the same screen I must insert a table control which

shows the extracted records.

This table control has to work exactly like transaction SM30, that is the

user can modify, insert, delete or copy a record.

Does anybody know if exists a way (or method) to include this transaction

in the table control ? Or I have to use custom control to obtain this ?

N.B. the user wants a screen with parameter and table control (or custom control)

and not a call function to transaction sm30.

I thank you in advance. Paolo.


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Why not SM30? Is it an authorization issue?


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Hi Rob,

thanks for your interest; no it's not a reason of authorization, but simply

the user wants to modify a report that actually works with some parameters

at the top of the screen and a customer control which shows an Alv_grid

with the extracted record;

Now the user needs to modify this records (insert and delete) directly from

this list. So I don't know if there's a way to obtain this goal without replace

the custom control with a table control.

The screen look like this:




Custom Contr. with ALV_grid (for extracted record)




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The screens are defined in the function group main program for the FG defined in se11 table maintenance.

Is it possible for you to change the table settings so as to be able to modify from se16 in which case you could define a transaction for se16 for the table skipping initial screen or do you do more in the report?

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I can change the setting of the table, but the user needs that the modifications of the table can be executed only in the area of the screen.

To obtain this objective I've decided to relazid an


Regards. Paolo