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Scanned Data

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Is it possible to upload the scanned data into Database in SAP


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No we can not upload the Scanned data into SAP, we can upload normal text fiels, excel files, XML field and so on



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Hi !

That depends on what "scanned data" menas....

There are twos scenatios wich wie have both in use...

1.) Scanner is directy connected to the frontend and does a "Keyboard input".

In this case you can build a dynpro like this:

SCANFIELD ___________________________________

SCANNED DATA _______________________________



where Scanfield is an input field in with the scanner "wirtes" it's data and

Scanned data is i.e. a table-control where the scanned data is shown.

The scanner should do an AUTO-ENTER. So the SAP-Transaction could

start executing after every scanning and cummulate the data into an

internal table.

The cumulated data is being processed by pressing SAVE on the GUI-Dynpro.

2.) The scanner is "batch type" and puts it's data to a file or database

If the data is put to a database you'll first need to export them to a file.

If the scanner writes to a file this is not neccesary !

Then write a batch programm that imports that file (using GUI_UPLOAD)

and does the processing.

In both cases the interpreation of that what's being scanned is a matter of the SAP-transaction the does the processing.

Hope that helped a bit...



Some points would be nice...