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Has anyone used the "scan" keyword? I will be reading a report program into an internal table, after which i need to read the tables contents and find the list of datatypes used in it. Also i need to map these datatypes then to its corresponding database fields. Can someone please help.


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GUI_UPLOAD can split files automatically, when using open dataset you can use SPLIT string AT val INTO fields... explicitly - why do you want to search in a structure?

I don't see more flexibility, search this forum e.g. for split or dataset - you will find some nice examples.



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Hi Sidhartha,

This keyword is actually for internal use by SAP.

However, we use it in a check program to enforce the standardization of ABAP coding (so all global variables start with gv_, all constants start with co_) and to check if ABAP code is build correctly (Is ALWAYS a check on SY-SUBRC available after certain commands).

How to use it:

Take a look at the next partial source code.

DATA: BEGIN OF int_abap OCCURS 0,    " Internal table for storing ABAP code
        line(73) TYPE c,
      END OF int_abap.
DATA : BEGIN OF int_sttmts OCCURS 0. " All statements
        INCLUDE STRUCTURE sstmnt.
DATA:  END OF int_sttmts.
DATA : BEGIN OF int_tokens OCCURS 0. " All keywords
        INCLUDE STRUCTURE stokex.
DATA:  END OF int_tokens.
DATA : BEGIN OF int_levels OCCURS 0. " Levels of includes
        INCLUDE STRUCTURE slevel.
DATA:  END OF int_levels.
DATA : BEGIN OF int_lines OCCURS 0,  " Internal table for storing ABAP
       END OF int_lines.
* Cleaning
  CLEAR: int_sttmts,
  REFRESH: int_sttmts,
* Using the SCAN command
  SCAN ABAP-SOURCE int_abap TOKENS INTO int_tokens
                            STATEMENTS INTO int_sttmts
                            WITH ANALYSIS
                            WITH INCLUDES
                            LEVELS INTO int_levels.
* Do something with the result
  LOOP AT int_sttmts.
    LOOP AT int_tokens FROM int_sttmts-from TO int_sttmts-to.
      CONCATENATE int_lines-line int_tokens-str INTO int_lines-line
        SEPARATED BY space.
    APPEND int_lines.
    CLEAR int_lines.

Hope this answers your question,



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Hi Rob,

Thanx for such a fast response. Actually the problem i have is how to use the information i get out of the SCAN keyword. Using scan i get the statements type internal table which contains all the statements in my source code as well it also identifies whether its a keyword or not. The problem now is to figure out how to find out whether each line of statements internal table is for a datatype definition or not. I want to have an internal table that will contain the list of all datatypes used in my code. Then i need to resolve if any of these fields are mapped to any database fields or not. Please help.