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SapScript - Next Page

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I have a really complex form with it´s own print program.

There are many boxes on two pages. The second page, there are two boxes, where the count of lines could be various. If they are more than 10, there should be a message on the 10th line, that the rest is being displayed on the next, additional page. this page should only appear, when the lines of the box are more than 10.

I have made that all with elements in the main-window now. One element for drawing the box and writing the box-heading, one element for all the lines called in a loop, and an element for the line after the box.

When there are more than 10 lines, I´m calling an element, which is starting with the command "NEXT-PAGE",

with the addition of the additional page "NEXT1".

Now, when I try to print that form with more than 10 lines, I get the error:

"WRITE_FORM is invalid, START_FORM is missing"

Does anybody know, what here is wrong?

When I setup the page "NEXT1" as the next page of "NEXT" in SapScript, it is working, but then it´s always printing the additional page.... not matter, if there are more than 10 lines or not!

I hope, my description is not too complicated, but it´s not very easy to explain! ;o)

Regards Arne


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Have you try to execute the command NEW-PAGE instead of NEXT-PAGE.


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Ahh, I´m sorry.... I have typed that wrong. I have used NEW-PAGE.

Don´t know if there is a command called "NEXT-PAGE"....