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SAP Work Process Questions

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I just have 2 quick questions:

Which work processes are required?

How many of each work process are required per instance?

any help would be greatly appreciated


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Dialog Work Process

Dialog work processes deal with requests from an active user to execute dialog steps.

Update Work Process

Update work processes execute database update requests. Update requests are part of an SAP LUW that bundle the database operations resulting from the dialog in a database LUW for processing in the background.

Background Work Process

Background work processes process programs that can be executed without user interaction (background jobs).

Enqueue Work Process

The enqueue work process administers a lock table in the shared memory area. The lock table contains the logical database locks for NetWeaver AS ABAP and is an important part of the SAP LUW concept. Spool Work Process

The spool work process passes sequential datasets to a printer or to optical archiving. Each ABAP application server may contain only one spool work process

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Thank you for your quick response but i'm looking for actual requirements. Such as how many work processes are required per instance. and how many are required in general, like which processes have to be running in order to maintain sap.

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to be very specific u require atleast two dialog work process.

that's all for your sap objects to run , rest depends on the requirenment of the object..

if u schedule the job to run in background than the background process is needed for printout u require spool process.

hope the issue is solved.


ravi aswani

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Thank you so so so much for that answer. This is helping me a lot. Also would u happen to know how many of each process is required per instance?

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Number of dialog work processes min 2, max 18

Number of update work processes =min 1, max 6

Number of update2 work processes = min 1, max 3

Number of batch work processes = min 2, max 3

Number of enqueue work processes = 1

Number of spool work processes = 1

this can vary w.r.t to the RAM .

hope this provides some inputs..



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WRT to below discussion,

Could you plz assist me like i have 2 app servers in PRD which has 6GB Ram on each App server.

How many Wp max i can have on the PRD.