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SAP transaction performance issue

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One of SAP standard Transaction gets hanged while saving .

I would like to know what is the use of VBDATA table .

when i Put SQL trace, the VBDATA table does not contain vbkey field value specified in below statement .Can this be the reason ....



54583AEF7DE95011E10000000A7B1111" = 6 AND "VBBLKNO" >= 0 ORDER BY "VBKEY", "VBMODCNT", "VBBLKNO" WITH RS -- OPTLEVEL( 5 ) -- QUERY_DEGREE( 1 )


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Hi, Rachel!

VBDATA table holds records which are going to be updated in database.

It's hard for me to say whether VBDATA should contain the record which is being searched in this SELECT. Maybe it's just some check and maybe the record really should be there. Need to see the logic of application.

P.S. I didn't understand: this SELECT hangs or it just finds nothing?

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Hi ,

we are facing performance issue in HUPAST transaction at particular time . the transaction hangs & data is not saved.

when I checked, the VBDATA table doesnot contain the VBKEY value...

I am just figuring out the exact reason.

what are the key things to check in ST12 trace .How to analyze the SQL tarce.

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Hi, Rachel!

I know nothing of ST12 trace t-code. Maybe you meant ST05?

Usually I use SQL trace only for perfomance reasons. And it's much better not to switch it on before making smth in your transaction and switch it off after: you'll get a HUGE number of records and it'll be difficult to analyze it. If you approximately know the problem place I would advise to switch SQL trace in debugger ("New tool" button -> "Special tools" -> Trace (SE30/ST05) ). Then you'll reduce the trace length considerably. If you have just one tricky SELECT, it's the best option, imho.