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SAP Table For storing ABAP Source code

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Hi All,

i have a requirement under which i need to know that where the source code of any method is getting stored.

For example .

If i have a method READ_DATA.

inside that i have written my code for reading data ie

select * from ZTAB into table lt_tab where key = k.

so my question is that where this above line is going to be stored.

Thanks & Regards ,



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I dont think that there is any table provided by SAP to store the Source Code.

There is only one Version Management is available.


The versions of an object are numbered in sequence, in the order in which they were created.

If older versions are missing (lower numbers) this means that the system administrator has deleted them from the version database.

Special numbers are used for versions in the development database. Active versions are shown as 'Active' and revised versions as 'Modif'. Only some object types can have revised versions (for example, from the ABAP Dictionary).


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In sap Program codes are considered as texts and are all sored in table clusters(in a compressed form) and are identified by their object names.when the code is called SAP find those codes from the repository and load them into application srever.

SAP maitains them and identifiying them LOGICALLY by their program/application hierarchy/development class/function group/classe or interfaces

I can not see any phisical table where we have those codes and the program/method names.