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SAP Standard modified objects to bring back older version after upgrade

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Hi All,

We have recently upgraded from 4.7EE to MySAP 5.0. In 4.7 EE there are some of the SAP standard objects we had modified.When tried to activate the earlier version of the objects after upgrade using SPAU it is not allowing me to do so.What I have to be done to activate earlier version of the SAP standard objects to activate.Can one have any idea?. Thanks in advance.




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Follow the below steps for SAPU.

SPAU Adjustments:-

1) Click on ‘Adopt Modification’
Left side – new system code
Right side – old system  code

Text in ‘blue’ indicates that corresponding code is not present in another version.

We have to refer to old system (right side in split editor) texts in blue which means that particular block is missing in new system. 

1)	Press button ‘modify’ button to scroll through modifications

2)	To copy code of old system, place your cursor against modification (right side of split screen) and press ‘Copy’ to accept modifications. The text would be stored in buffer.

3)	Place cursor in left side of split editor  and clink on ‘insert’. It will paste the old system block in new system.
     To: add ‘insert’ block of old system, press ‘insert’,
           add ‘replace’ block of old system, press ‘replace’ 
           add ‘Delete’ block of old system, press ‘delete’. 

Keep the previous Transport Request number in ‘Comments’ for future reference.
When you say ‘copy’, only the code between ‘insert’ block is copied in buffer.

- Syntax check after each modification adoption.
- Please compare both the versions at every block of modification.
- After successful modification, activate the object. 
- Sometimes, changes would be adopted automatically. (mostly for objects where traffic light ‘green’ is indicated). 



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