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sap script configuration

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hi all

suppose i am going to develop a script from scratch

then what r the configuration need to be carried out

before going for developing it?

give me full steps along with transaction codes?

if any one want to share it with me personally then

my mail id

i will appreciate ur effort

thanx & regards


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go to the NACE transactiobn and select the respective application and click on the out put types. Select the appropriate output type which is created by the functional consultant , and click on the processing routines in the menu tree.

In the processing routines, give the Developed form name and routine mane in the driver program and the Driver program name.

Hope this helps you.


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Transaction NACE is used to configure your Sapscript form and print program to your output type.

These are the steps to configure the form name and the print program name to the output type.

<b>Step 1.</b>

Go to Transaction NACE.Select your application and press output types tab.and assiegn ur form name and driver program name.

<b>Step 2.</b>

Select your Output Type and press Processing Routines tab.It will display you the form name and the print program name.

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thanks kishan

1.what is this output type? i can get the list of output types?

3. how can i know that which output type is for which print prog or form name?

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when u go to the transaction NACE.

Output type change logs are recorded as table logs. If you look at the technical settings of the table T685, in which output types are stored(base table for all condition types),


when u open transaction NACE.

choose ur application type suppose u r application type is billing just check on v3(billing) in menu there is option of output type when u click on thatit open the all output type related to billing .now if u want to create output type for invoice click on output type of invoice(rd00) it open proccessing routine.

just assigen ur form and driver program there.

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thanks kishan

it is very helpful to haave clear answer from ur side .

once again thanks for ur efforts.

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Hi Sanjeev,

For config part u need not worry, before start work, you must work with Functional guys, they will do the config part.... through spro.....SD/MM/FI...



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ex: i am sending config part from spec

8. Implementation Path and Customisation

To set up the bespoke account statement in SAP configuration, go to customization via transaction SPRO and go to the IMG.

In the IMG:-

Click on Financial Accounting Global Settings -> Correspondence ->Define Correspondence types (click on the green tick).

You should now see a table in front of you. Click on correspondence type SAP06 (the SAP standard Account Statement) and it will be highlighted. Then click on the copy button and enter your own variant name (ZAP06), hit enter and this will create your own variant. Click on the variant you have now created and then the details button and check that its details are identical to that of correspondence type SAP06.

Go back to the IMG. When you exit the screen the system will ask if you want to save the changes. Click yes, it will then ask you for a change request number; if you do not have one, click on create and the system will create a change request number to log your change to it.

Click on Financial Accounting Global Settings -> Correspondence ->Assign Programs for Correspondence types

Again a table of correspondence types should appear. Click on SAP06 Account Statement and highlight the text. Then click the display button, which will take you to the Details screen. On the details screen change the program name to ZRFKORD1 and the variant name to whatever you entered earlier. Then click on environment and select maintain variants, click on Values and then change click on All Selections and go to the top of the screen so that you can see the words Output Control. In Correspondence Sorting enter K1 and in Line Item Sorting enter P1, check that the w/o items box is ticked then save.

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hi ramesh

by going this way what i will get?

wheteher i will get output type configured for my print

prog or anything else.

how to get the list of output types of different forms

that is developed by us and standard ones?