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SAP Script, and input text

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Hello SAP experts,

Today a feced a really nasty problem.

I've builded a ABAP program which allows the user to give input text for a form generation, basicly a simple mail based only in text and a logo in the top of the page.

The problem is the text formatting, it is really ugly.

Since all the data is passed throughout a string (simple input area), SAP script does line breaks for bigword's, unity word's, and other stuff.

I'm looking for a text editor for the user to input text, and have the capability to edit it, such as those javascript web tools that turn the input in some HTML and CSS.

Thanks alot,



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look at SAP programs that have text boxes displayed on screen, and the text management methods in PAI and PBO for those screens.  Or, search the forum, and perhaps find an answer like use FM RKD_WORD_WRAP to create a table of text, formatted as you like.

What I do (and what I have already posted) is convert that text to SAP text using table of type TLINE, and save the text (similar to what one would do in SO10).  Then in the call to the form, I pass the TDOBJECT, TDID, TDNAME values in the table for the form.  After printout, I use delete_text to remove the text I saved.  This allows the form to manage the output, and you need only a dynamic text include to output the text in the form.

May I ask why you used SAPScript instead of SmartForms or Adobe Forms to create an output form?  SAPScript is still supported, but it is very much out-of-date and I would consider obsolete for new forms. 

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Sorry Break Point,

I expressed bad.

This form wich i'm talking is already in production(very old), and is part of a huge system to control revenue losses, so i'm keeping the SAP Script for less impact.

Any suggestions?