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SAP Netweaver Business Client and a Citrix netscaler

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi everyone,

As moderator, I received the following question from member Daniel Poole:

We're currently implementing the SAP NWBC for SRM. In order to load balance, and protect the SAP app servers, we're trying to pass traffic through a Citrix netscaler. However, we're encountering the following issues when punching out to external catalogues in SRM.

Using a URL via the Citrix Netscaler:

  • A user logs into the NWBC using their SAP ID and password
  • They click the link in SRM to a catalogue and they are prompted to enter their SAP ID and password for a second time

If we access the NWBC direct, i.e. bypassing the Citrix Netscaler, then the user only has to enter their ID and password when they log into the NWBC, there is no requirement for them to log in a second time.

I suspect it may be cookie related, but I have no idea where the issue is. Has anyone encountered this issue, or has any advice on how to solve it?


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Is the domain part of the NetScaler URL by any chance different then the domain parts in other URLs? See SAP note 1257108 as a starting point for troubleshooting SSO problems.

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Product and Topic Expert
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First of all, thanks to Samuli. For NWBC-SSO issues, we have a specific note:

I would recommend this as a first step for SSO-NWBC in general.

In your case however, Daniel, this is not an NWBC-specific issue. I would recommend posting this on the NW SSO forum:

Best wishes,


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I did the exact same thing a while back.

Be aware that when you use netscaler as reverseproxy instead of a webdispatcher, you have to set up forwarding manually in the netscaler configuration, which is implicit in SAPs webdispatcher. I found a whitepaper on SAP and using a generic reverseproxy somewhere on the SDN. I would recommend looking for it.