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SAP Developers name space

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Hello all

What is SAP developer namespace?

how its useful?

wht we can do with that?

wht r the complications?

Where can I find Documentation on it.

Thanks in Advance



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Hi Arjun

The ones at the document Andreas pointed out are general customer namespaces. However, you can make namespace customizations. For example, in our project we have our own namespace like /XXXX/. There are some transactions where you manage various namespaces. These should be known by BASIS guys.


*--Serdar <a href="">[ BC ]</a>

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Hi Serdar,

you mean <a href="">AddOns</a> ?

regards Andreas

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These namespaces are also used for add-ons from registered partners. As an example, there are several companies who provide enhanced Address Management add-ons. These add-ons are distributed under a specific namespace, to avoid issues such as a partner using the same program name as a "standard" SAP program.

Namespaces can be registered with SAP, so that these partners have a dedicated namespace. Of course, any installation can also use a namespace that is registered with SAP, as long as that customer does not then also buy the add-on that will cause a namespace conflict.