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SAP Configured company Code and Customized Company Code.

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Hi all,

I need an indicator which tells which company code is SAP Defined and which are customized.

Is there any table which shows this?

It is urgent.

Thanks in Advance.


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No one.

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Out of Curiosity.....

Is there anything called SAP Configured Company Code in the first place ?

What do you mean by Customised Company Code ?

Even in a green field SAP Implementation it is the Fucntional Team which will configure the Company Codes/Plants etc based upon the agreed Business Process.

Let me know if I am wrong.


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Hi Kiran K.

I was trying to tell that when SAP is implemented some Company codes which are configured by SAP itself are also there in the system.

Customized company codes mean, the company codes which are configured by the client.

But I have searched the way. If we want to differentiate the company codes then, we can get it from the Controlling Area.

The table is TKA02. Pass the Controlling area which is client specific and get the company codes which are made under this Controlling Area.