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SAP Basis traport request problem

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This is R/3 4.7.. There is a transport request number which has been created for one program under one user name.. when i made changes to the same program a new sub request has got created under above request number.. now how could I move only my request to QAS? Is there anyways I could create a new main request number under my user name deletin the present one..?


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As an alternative just delete the task...reopen the program.. do some change (any minute one even in description) and then Activate, it will ask for th etransport Request, then you can give a new one...

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Which request you want me to delete (sub request or the other user's main request).. because i did the same thing I deleted my request and tried changin the program to create a new request however the new request number gets created under the same old main request number.. This R/3 4.7..

Is there any other transaction where in I can create a new main request number under such sceanrios..?

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While doing this you need to save it first and then activate it.

You may also try : goto transaction SE09, select your task and follow the menu path Utilities->Reorganize->Reassign Task

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Copy the entrie program( By using CRTLA & CRTLC)

then goback and delete the program.

by doing this if that request number transported to quality or production nothing will happen.

Goto SE38 & create newprogram ,give the same name as you deleted earlier.

Now You can able to Copy Your program.

Now Click on save,it will ask for new request number now you can able to create your own request number.

Hope this will helpful