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SAP ABAP Certification

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Hi All ,

I'm plannig for ABAP certification [ C_TAW12_04 ].please give me some suggestions.wat are all the things i've to follow.give me tips how i should prepare my road map for certification.




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ABAP System Fields


BAPI-step by step

Weblog for receive email and processing it through ABAP


For Logical database

very useful

Useful link to websites

Useful for background

Table control in BDC


For posting weblog,


Dynamic Internal table -weblog in sdn




How to trace smartform


BOM Explosion




ALVGRID with refresh

ALV Group Heading

ALV all Imp

ALV Documentation for Field

For language setting and decimal separator


Native SQL


Oracle queries


To format SQL

SCOT settings

Status Icon [ALV,Table Control,Tab Strip]

For multiMedia


Uploading LOGO in SAP


Here are the two links which contains lots of PDFS:

How to upload an excel file to an internal table


Creation of Function Module

1. Debugger

2. Run Time Analyser

3. SQL trace

4. CATT - Computer Aided Testing Too

5. Test Workbench

6. Coverage Analyser

7. Runtime Monitor

8. Memory Inspector

9. ECATT - Extended Computer Aided testing tool.

Performance tuning for Data Selection Statement

Web Service for 6.40



if you are on was 6.40 check out the following weblog.


you can also other approach i have used in the following weblog.



RFC Destination



IDOC Convertion



For examples on WorkFlow...check the below link..

Check these similar threads dicussed on the same topic:

very important link

some quetions asked in one ABAP certification exam

these are the links for abap certification exam book links

certification ..

/message/213564#213564 [original link is broken]

/message/514469#514469 [original link is broken]

/message/1315746#1315746 [original link is broken]

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/message/1736299#1736299 [original link is broken]

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/message/130164#130164 [original link is broken]

This is link from SAP about ABAP certification

There is a pdf called ABAP certification.

You can try

They provide Certification simulation questions which are very useful and a must try site.

Have a look at below link for mySAP Technology - ABAP Workbench

Have a look at below link for SAP NetWeaver - ABAP Workbench

The certification test consists of questions from the areas specified below:

Topic Areas

1. Technologies


- Navigation (system handling)

- Technical setup of an SAP system

- System-wide concepts

2. ABAP Workbench Basics (++)

- Data types and data objects

- Internal tables

- Data retrieval (authorization check)

- Subroutines

- The ABAP Runtime System

- Function groups and function modules

- Program calls and data transfer

3. ABAP Objects (++)

- Classes and objects

- Inheritance

- Casting

- Interfaces

- Events

- Global classes and interfaces

- Exception handling

- Dynamic programming

4. ABAP Dictionary (++)

- Database tables

- Performance for table access

- Consistency through input check (foreigh key dependency)

- Dependency of ABAP Dictionary objects

- Views

- Search help

5. Techniqes for List Generation (++)

- Data output to lists

- Selection screen

- Logical database

- Program-specific data retrieval

- Data formatting and control level processing

- Storage of lists and background processing

- Interactive lists

6. Dialog Programming (++)

- Screen (basics)

- User interface (GUI title, GUI status)

- Screen elements for output (text fields, status icons, and group boxes)

- Screen elements for input/output

- Subscreen and tabstrip control

- Table control

- Context menu

- Dialog programming lists

7. Database Changes

- Database updates with Open SQL

- LUWs and Client/Server Architecture

- SAP locking concept

- Organizing database changes

- Complex LUW processing

- Number assignment

- Change-document creation

8. Enhancements and Modifications

- Changes in SAP Standards

- Personalization

- Enhancements to Dictionary elements

- Enhancements using customer exits

- Business Transaction Events

- Business Add-Ins

- Modifications

Weighting Key in the Test:

+ = 1 - 10%

++ = 11 - 20%

+++ = over 20%

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<b>Preparing for the Exam</b>

The following is a braindump of suggestions from past exam writers that may help you when preparing for the the SAP exam.

• Concept is tested. If you understand the concept, you have a better chance of answering the question than trying to remember the actual bullet points in the academy course material.

• Use the online help to find and review the concepts covered in the certification course material. The information in the online help is presented in a different format to the course material and will therefore solidify the concepts presented. You will be much better prepared to answer the questions regardless of how the question may be worded. This really works.

• For those not in the certification course, the online help will still be valuable to you. Find and review the concepts covered in any of the SAPdomain questions that you may have difficulty with.

• For those experienced ABAPers that have not taken the certification course but will be challenging the exam, there is nothing that can prepare you better for the exam than the SAPdomain skill testing questions. It's the closest you'll get to the real thing.

• Do the exercises in the academy course. Some questions are based on what you learn from the lab work. A good example of this is the use of "Groups" in screen painter. It may not be clear in the course material how many groups are available, but you would certainly know this from working with the screen painter.

• The Debugger is a very good tool to reinforce concepts. Debug the lab solutions. Understanding the fundamental logic of code execution is a weapon that will certainly prepare you for the exam.

very important link

some quetions asked in one ABAP certification exam

these are the links for abap certification exam book links

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