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Samrtforms-Wrap up test

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In my one of the smartforms , in my sub-header I have aan item called Customer Acc Field : and has space on its right fro its text to apperar, just below that in the same sub header I have contract # item and some space to fill teh contract number.

Now the problem is that when the customer acct field take s some extra space in the text area and if it goes to the second line my Contact # dissaperas, which is just below it. The customer accounting Ref field comes from the the header text:





Can anyone please tell me how do I increase the wrap up text space fopr the customer accounting ref no: field so that teh entire text appears and teh contract # which is below it dosent vanish.



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Is the data is in Main Window or secondary window.

From your probem I can think that data is in secondary window. In that case you need to increase the heiht of the window to optimal size so that if data increases it can accomodate. Since secondar wndows do not grow in size dynamically. They have fix size. Also, use TABLE instead of Template this will take care of wrapping of text.

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Hi !

Its as I said sub header and its not a the main window . I have used a table and not template. But still its not taking acre of the wrap up of the textand thuis my next line get vanished. Kindly help.


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Any help on it please.


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Perhaps if you put something back into SDN the it will help... (just a thought)