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Sales Order Partner Name determination

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While creating sale order, the (Employee Responsible) partner is adopted into the order header. When the Employees name is adopted into the Sales Order header via the Partner Function, the full name (first, middle, and surname) is copied. The issue is that the business requires the employees’ middle name to be manually deleted from the order header.

Only first name and last name should be displayed in ADDR1_DATA-NAME1 field.

Is there any exit available to change this field? Any other alternative to achive this?




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check program MV45AFZZ , this is user exit for SO.


<b>User Exits for Partner Determination
Partner determination contains the following user exits for your use:

You can use this user exit to control whether an address that was entered manually and has already been used in other documents (referenced), should be referenced again if it changes or whether a new address shold be created (duplicated).
Call up this user exit if a customer has not been maintained in the current sales area.
Use this user exit to control the origin of partners in the partner determination procedure (origin X, Y or Z). If X, Y, or Z has been entered in the Origin field, this user exit is automatically called up during partner determination.
Use this user exit to integrate your own check in a program, that runs before the partner is saved in the document.
For more detailed information, see the program documentation for each ofthe user exits</b>