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RSEXARCD - Delete multiple archive files at once

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I have been working with Archive objects, and this time I got a small issue with IDoc archiving.

To archive IDocs, we first run RSEXARCA to write the archive files, then we execute RSEXARCD to actually delete the lines from the tables. It works fine when 1 Archive Document is created from RSEXARCA.

However, when more than one Archive Document is created and RSEXARCD is run in background, only the latest created Archive is deleted. Therefore the program has to be run more than once to delete each Archive Object.

Is there a way to delete Multiple Archive files in one execution?

Thanks and Best Regards,



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Hi Pramod,

Have you been able to figure it out yet?

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Are you running the write and delete program directly from SM37? If you are, try implement the Archiving Object for Idocs 'IDOC' using transaction 'SARA'.



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Thanks for the input.

But that's just the thing - I do not want to use SARA every day to select archive files for deletion. Sure - with SARA I can select multiple files for deletion, and the deletion jobs run in parallel. But I want this exact functionality without having to perform any manual activity such as with SARA->Delete.

I am archiving IDOCS daily with a date variant, and I want them to be deleted every day as well - without user intervention.

RSEXARCD only processes/deletes the IDOCS from the first archive file found in the list of archived IDOCS.

I tried setting AOBJ so that the delete runs directly after an archive file is created but then the first archive file gets corrupted, and the delete program cannot work with it any longer.

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You should be able to do what you are describing in SARA.

The delete jobs setting for archiving object IDOC should be set to start automatically.

This is in the customizing settings for the archiving object definition.

In SARA set the background process to run periodic (daily, weekly, etcu2026).

Record selection can be controlled automatically in the variant for program RSEXARCA.


Data archiving (deleting only) of IDOCs can also be done using program RSETESTD.

Test your approach in your development system first.