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Row wise total in oops alv..............

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i hav 4 fields among which 3 fields are quantity fields(f1 f2 f3) and i want the total of these threee fields in the fourth field f4....

can anyone explain how to do this.....


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You can have to add the extra field for the Row Total in the internal table and update the Row total values in this column. It required you can color the column to differentaite from other colums.

You don't have any option in the ALV as Coloumn subtotal and Totals.

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while preparing your final internal table you have to do like bleolw

loop at it_final into wa_final.

wa_final-f4 = wa_final-f1 + wa_final-f2 + wa_final-f3.

modify it_final from wa_final index sy-tabix transporing f4.


it works...

Note: F4 will be the filed at the end in your final internal table.