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I have created one RFC for getting the customer mail id.Customer mail id is stored in ADR6 table, But there is no field kunnr. In kna1 table address number field is there.So i want to join these two tables for getting customer number & mail id. So i have created one internal table it has kunnr, addressnumber, emailid. I didnt decare this internal table in the tables tab. So whenever i execute that RFC that internal table name is not coming. so i can't see the answer. If i am debug it and run then only it shows the values. I have created this RFC for customer mail id. I want to know after importing this RFC whether that customer mail id will generate or not?

Edited by: Hima on Feb 1, 2008 3:58 AM


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What is your input to the RFC?

If your input is to get the E-Mail address for the customer,

Set as below in definition of RFC:

Importing parameter: Customer Number

Exporting Parameter: E-Mail Address

Within RFC, via your relation KNA1->ADR6 derive the email address of the customer and pass it to the exporting parameter.



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Hello Hima,

Hope you have customer ID as import parameter, Email ID as export parameter and internal table is declared internally. If so, you have to read the internal table and populate Email ID at the end. Hope it should work then.