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Hi Friends,

I need some help in RFC User configuration. In my company we created the RFC user as a dialog user. But if we change the user in to "system- user" the connection is not working. But when it is in Dialog user it is working fine, With RFC role level it is working fine. Any one suggest me where we have to do these settings. We are not able to trace this through ST01 also.


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Usually RFC users are set to "Service" type. Have you tried this one?

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I think it really depends upon what you are using the RFC user for. RFC users do not necessarily need to be set up as "service" user. Note that a "service" user is still allows dialog login.

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JC - I thought they fixed that "feature" with service users..........will have to check that out.

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Just checked NW2004S (Basis 7.0) system and the SAP help says a service user is a dialog user.

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Cheers, nothing consistency is there!

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some of the connection programs fail if the RFC user is not set up as dialog.

so one has to try until it works properly.

Like is not allways easy!

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when you are creating an user for

1)Batch processing in a system ---use the user type 'system' for the user.

2)communication between servers-- use type 'communication'

3) for trusted RFC single sign on between your backend and frontends or making a component anonymous, etc you should use 'service' user type.

when I have issue with RFC's I prefer using SM20 dynamic trace.normally when an RFC user has issues, you get the dumps. check your ABAP dumps.

if you can specify in more detail for what purpose you are using this user that will give us more idea.

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I would also be curious to know whether changing the user type to 'Communication' will behave the same as 'Dialog'? (i.e. the functionality "works").

There are many SAP notes and documentation which recommend using the user type 'System' for all types of RFC (internal and external).

PS: Hello Keerti! We have missed you here in the past months!

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check your ABAP dumps and then start resolving the issue. because there are certain cases where you can use only dialog user for some functionalities thru RFC connections. you will see several sapnotes which says to use dialog user for running some functionalities via RFC's

PS: Hello Julius. I'm feeling good to join the team again.

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