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RFC to Webservice

Former Member
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I have an RFC.

How to convert the RFC into a web Service?


Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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Hi. Go to SE80. Enter the function group name and select function group from the list box, hit enter. Now there should be a function module node in the tree below, open this node and find your function module. Right-click on your function module and choose "Create", then "Web Service". The web service wizard will start, follow the steps of the wizard. That's it.


RIch Heilman

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Thanks Rich. I am able to acheive the points you have mentioned.

Now whats the big advantage of having a WebService? How does it differs from an RFC?

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Here is my undestanding of it, do not hesitate to correct me!

The interest of Web Services is that it can be

easily called from any other technologies

because it is using standards like XML and HTTP : you can call a Web Services on your SAP system from mainframe, Java, .Net, ...


use RFC, you need some kind of connector

(JCo, ActiveX controls (for VB for instance), ...) which makes it a bit more complicated.
Besides, the use of

XML implies


the response is already "structured"

contrary to RFC where you have either to know or to retrieve (with one way or another) its structure.

Besides, I might be wrong but the process of creating the Web Service (with the Virtaul Host, etc...) with the Wizard is only relevant if you want to modify/rename the parameters of the Web Services.

each and everyone of RFC FM

(including BAPI of course) is already Web Services-enabled for an

Unfortunately, this functionality is to be deleted in last versions of WAS

To help browsing the WebServices on the ABAP stack of your WAS, go to this address (make sure ICM and ICF are configured properly for BSP use)




Finally, a good reference in SDN about Web Services


Hope it helps !

Best regards,