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RFC connection to external Interface

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I want to write a ABAP program that take the use of RFC and gives the output what is there in the flat file.

Suppose in the flat file i have written 'HELLO WORLD' and now this i have to output in sap through writing one ABAP program with the use of RFC .i am not getting how to do it.

WIthout using of RFC i can do it.

But please tell me how to do it as soon as possible .



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Hi Manish,

In the RFC read the file and return it as an internal table with the contents of the file.

In the report call the RFC by passing the file name and capture the contents of the file returned by it and print them thru report.

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Ravi G

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By which non-RFC FM can u display? Use same by copying it and make it RFC enabled. Check Authority.

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suppose for this purpose i will use the function module 'GUI_UPLOAD' to upload the data from the flat file to my internal table and by yours point if i copy the function module GUI_UPLOAD to ZGUI_UPLOAD and make it as RFC enabled.then i want to ask what will be functionality of making RFC enabled .

Which things it will be going to check if i make it rfc enabled or it will same as gui_upload .

I am not getting the clear picture to how to use RFC connect non-sap to sap.



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hi manish,

with out using rfc u can download into ur local pc or to sap server. if you want to download to some other server then you have to use rfc.

for this u have to make rfc connection to that server in sm59..

i think now u got idea how to do it..