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Return back from Standard Transaction after error.

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Dear Abapers,

I am calling one SAP Standard transaction from my user -Y Transaction Screen , also passing some values to that screen (thru memory), Now if that standard screen gives some error (E) on any processing done by user on it, i want the control back to my original screen from where user went to that screen. Currently i am not able to get the control back,hence user is left with no choice to exit from entire program.

Any idea how we can do it. If more clarification need do tell me.

Thanx in advance.



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Call the BDC in 'N' mode, and collect all the error messages (BDCMSGCOLL) display in a list after complete processing instead of sumbitting in 'E' mode.

Best Regards,

Murugesh AS

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Dear Murugesh,

Please read the question carefully, I am not processing through BDC. It is my Y Transaction Screen , which call one SAP STandard screen. and on error i want control back to my Transaction Screen.



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Is this Module poól development?

if yes, are you using 'CALL SCREEN' to invoke SAP screen?

Please give more details.

best regards, Murugesh AS

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i assume you are doing

set parameter and

call transaction

and if the value passed is wrong it would stop with a error message in the called transaction initial screen. Now if you hit back button it would come to your program.

But if the called transaction is generating abort message then you will loose control.