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Retrieve T_CODE Description from table TSTCT from remote connected systems

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Hi there,

I have to retrieve teh description of TACs (T_CODES) from remote systems. E.g. my program runs in the ECC system, which is in connection with CRM and SCM via an existing RFC conncetions.

I am not able to install ABAP code on the CRM or SCM system, so I am not able to access the TSTC or TSTCT tables to retrieve the T_CODE and Description via SQL.

Are there special functions RFC enabled to read in genral tables, e.g. execute SQL select or maybe somebody knows a existing function, which retrieves the TSTCT values out of the connected CRM/SCM systems.

Kind regards,



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CALL FUNCTION zfunction (Function Module name ) DESTINATION dest.

Zfunction should have the fetch from the tstct table to fetch the description.


1. The same as with CALL FUNCTION func

2. ... EXCEPTIONS syst_except = rc MESSAGE mess

Executes the function module from an external source (as a

Remote Function Call or RFC); dest can be a literal or a


Depending on the specified destination, the function module i

executed in another R/3 .

To maintain existing destinations, choose Tools ->

Administration, Administration -> Network -> RFC destinations

Refer also to the information concerning logging onto the

target system (RFC remote login).

Hope this helps.

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the problem is that I can not deploy ZFUNCTION on the remote system. So I need a function, which already extists in the ABAP Netweaver AS.

If yes, I could do - but I do need a existing function which may come e.g. with SE80, or?