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Retrieve Spool output and save to application server

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Hi everyone,

How do you retrieve the spool output and then save it to application server. How do I determine the program name for that spool output? Please help. I tried retrieving the data from tbtcp, but when I checked with SP01, not all the spool files where transferred to the application server. I'm transferring it as text file. Is there a table that I missed? Please help.

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Pls check table TSP01



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Yes I did check TSP01, but how do we determine the program name and jobname? Because there are certain spool outputs that has to be sent to an assigned folder in AL11.

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Hi Lokesh,

I just don't need the spool number but I also need the output of that spool number, and that's what I convert to text file. Please guys, need your help badly on this. I already have a program to convert the spool output to text, but I just can't get all the output in table TSP01 because of the jobname and program name. Thanks.

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u RSTXPDF4 program to convert to pdf.

check these tables for job and spool details.

TBTCJSTEP Background Job Step Overview

TBTCO Job Status Overview Table

TBTCP Background Job Step Overview

TBTCR Batch scheduler execution time

TSP01 Spool Requests

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Hi Gautham,

I did check tbtcp for the program name, but my problem is this, not all the Spool number in SP01 can be found in TBTCP-ident. Like for example, if I try to get all the spool files in SP01 with date created 06/27/2008, about 44k records of spool numbers will be retrieved. BUT if I try to compare all those 44k spool numbers with TBTCP-listident, only about 10k will match. That's where I got a bit confused. So around 30k spool numbers are missing. Please, please, help. Thanks.

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you can find out the requests from the transaction SP01. Once you get the list of output requests you can go to

output requests --> forward -->export as text to retrieve as text files


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Any more suggestions with my problem. Really hope you guys could help me.