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Retrieve PDF file as a blob and then execute it. How can this be done?

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Saving and retrieving BLOB data is not a problem, but given that the BLOB data is a PDF file how could I then execute this retrieved pdf binary file?.


p.s. I do NOT want to send .pdf file via e-mail. I simply want to display the .pdf file as retrieved.


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Well, I know how to execute it but it looks as though I may have to first write the .pdf to file and then execute it. But ideally I wanted to keep it in memory and have it executed.

The method that I could use is: CALL METHOD my_pdf_viewer->open_document

Obviously within a container with suitable toolbar etc. But this is not really what I wanted as I just wanted to execute the .pdf, have the OS decide what program is designated as the tool to use to view it, and launch it within it's own os window.

Not so straight forward, but getting there slowly. It's the taking of binary object and executing it that is tricking me at the moment.