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Restrictions on F-02 {SD}

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I have a requirement from the FI people wherein whenever one runs the tcode

F-02 (Enter G/L Account Policy : Header Data), they should not get the list of all acounts but only a few in the ACCOUNT field. But when i go to pfcg to check for restricting the list, i dont find any pertinent auth field for doing so. Is it something that we can ( as Basis Admin) do or the ABAPpers? Maybe the ABAPpers have to program the screen where in they need to restrict the list options. If not so, lemme know the auth field that has to bet set if any.


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Hi Sumeith,

Check if PFCG brought in the authorization object, F_BKPF_KOA. If not then you need to go into SU24 and make the object as check/Maintain for the tcode F-02.

Once you do that you will see the authorization object, F_BKPF_KOA in PFCG.

When you go into change Authorization data, you need to go and look into the Organizarional field on the top and you will find Account type.

You can restrict Account types in this field.

Hope this helps.


Kiran Kandeplalli.

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Hi Kiran I have tried what you said by checking su24 and allauthchecks (maintained and notmaintained) But what i find in them is that ic ould restrict the account types to only GL accounts or utmost The Account Charts only but not the accounts. If you see thepossible entries list in the ACCOUNT field you will knowthat there are twoc olumns one is the char acc and the other is something like acc num, I could restrict the first column but not t he second clumn which is what they want to be restricted.

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If Kiran's suggestion doesn't work to restrict the matchcode lookup, you might want to get your ABAP team to check the link in this earlier post:

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Thank you Alex, I think your reply has given me some direction, I shall work out on that and let you knw if i was successful in this way.