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Resizable Textedit control not resizing.

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Hi Team ABAP,

i made a dynpro with a custom container on it. In this custom container a textedit control (CL_GUI_TEXTEDIT) will get loaded.

I made the custom container of width 80 and made it resizable.

Now i create a docking container at the left side of the dynpro at runtime, wherein i load a tree control (CL_SALV_TREE).

Everything is working fine, but if i change the size of my docking container, which actually changes the size of my custom container with the textedit indirect proportionally.

But still my Textedit contril stays of same width and doesnt resize but gives me a scrollbar at its botom.

Any Ideas where i go wrong?

I set the wordwrap_position parameter to 72 when creating the textedit, may this be my pain?



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Problem solved,

i went away from having something already on my dypro.

Dynpro is now empty. At runtime i create a docking container at left using the full width.

Then i splitted the docking container into two columns using CL_GUI_SPLITTER_CONTAINER.

Got myself a container on the left for the tree, using Method get_container of class CL_GUI_SPLITTER_CONTAINER and one on the right, using the same method.

initialized tree into its container, and initialized textedit control into its container and whooops it works.