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Reset the SSCR registration for objects

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we want to reset our registrations for objects made via OSS. Reason is that we have build in several notes manually and the objects are now open to change. In our organization we want to have only a few people to be able making changes on SAP standard objects, the other developers should not be able to do so.

Is there any possibility to reset the object registrations in our system ? We use 4.6B.

Thanks in advance



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Once the object is registered, it will be open for edit until the next upgrade or the application of support packages.

In order to have only few guys be able to maintain - you can control through the authorization. It looks like all the developers in your organization are having authorization to edit SAP programs. Normally this shouldn't be the case. Talk to your access control (BASIS) team - they can help you out...

On the otherhand, you can also control at the time of QA process or at the time of importing the objects into the production system...

Let me know if you need any further help on it...