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&RESET_EXCEL - Will this work for Grid ALV?

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Iam using ECC 6.0.

&RESET_EXCEL - This command is working fine for the List ALV - The defualt settings are being cleared(the spreadsheet settings). But when it comes to ALV Grid, the defualt settings are not being cleared.

Is there any such command for the ALV Grid where we can delete the default settings ?

I know one program where we can delete the default settings - SALV_BS_ADMIN_MAINTAIN, where we can delete the default settings for the ALV control data ( The Spreadsheet setting).

But I want any UCOMM like &RESET_EXCEL for the GRID ALV which can clear the default settings.

Thanks in advance,

Krishna Adabala


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Setting Default Layouts

If a list is displayed using a set layout, this is a default layout.

If you have the authorization to set a layout as a default layout, proceed as follows:

In the layout row, choose the Default column.


1. Select a layout.

2. Edit  Set default.

To save your settings, Layout  Save



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Hi Prasanth,

Thanks for the quick response.

But my issue is not regarding the Layout's. It is rgarding the Spreadsheet settings. In ECC we can select the format of the spreadsheet. And there is new checkbox " Always Use Selected Format". If this is checked, then from the next time user need not select the format. it directly comes to the saving of the Spreadsheet on the local drive.

So sometimes user might have to change the format of the spreadsheet. In such cases he can use &RESET_EXCEL in command field which clears the default settings and will ask for a new format when we select EXPORT from the LIST Menu option.

This RESET_EXCEL is working fine for the LIST ALV. But we use this command in ALV GRID, then it isn't working. So could you please provide me some command like &RESET_ALV for ALV GRID which clears the spreadsheet settings?

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Dear Krishna

i also facing same issue

if you got the answer please let me know


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Hi all,

I had the same problem, &RESET_EXCEL didn't / doesn't work in ALV GRID.

After switching there into ABAP List Output (Icon Views --> List Output), then that cheat code works there.



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Execute ALV GRID Report, on the output screen right click, one popup appear select spreadsheet, thats it, now again execute the ALV Grid report, you will get Spreadsheet option.....


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This solution works no more. When we try to right click on the output screen and select "Spreadsheet", a dialog box should pop up with message; "Always Use Selected Format indicator is not set".

This is even found on SAP help. Please check

But this doesn't seem to work anymore. Could anyone please provide a solution to this issue..

Thank you,

Ghanshyam Dolia