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Hi all,

i have a requirement as follows,

I have 4 reports namely zrep1, zrep2, zrep3,zrep4.

now wat user does is...

1.I execute the report zrep1 and use this result doing manual calculation.

2.I execute zrep2 , use the result of zrep1 and zrep2 perform manual caluculation .

3. i execute zrep3 and use the result of zrep1,zrep2 and zrep3 and do manual calcuation.

NOTE:Every report has screens and user enters the values in the screen.

Now my user requirement is he does not want to do this manually and want the system to do .

So how should i get the values of executed results and make the system to do calculation.

Plz give me suggestions.

Thanks ,



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u can use import / export data to memory...

EXPORT obj1 ... objn TO DATA BUFFER f.

- EXPORT obj1 ... objn TO MEMORY.

- EXPORT obj1 ... objn TO SHARED MEMORY itab(ar) ID key.

- EXPORT obj1 ... objn TO SHARED BUFFER itab(ar) ID key.

- EXPORT obj1 ... objn TO DATABASE dbtab(ar) ID key.

- EXPORT obj1 ... objn TO DATASET dsn(ar) ID key.

- EXPORT (itab) TO ... .

IMPORT obj1 ... objn FROM DATA BUFFER f.

- IMPORT obj1 ... objn FROM MEMORY.

- IMPORT obj1 ... objn FROM SHARED MEMORY itab(ar) ID key.

- IMPORT obj1 ... objn FROM SHARED BUFFER itab(ar) ID key.

- IMPORT obj1 ... objn FROM DATABASE dbtab(ar) ID key.

- IMPORT obj1 ... objn FROM DATASET dsn(ar) ID key.

- IMPORT obj1 ... objn FROM LOGFILE ID key.


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use Export and Import options

for ex. use export in zrep1

import the values in zrep2


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Hi you can call the transactions and put all the information for the selectionscreen in a table so it will be processed with the correct values.

Perhaps you can write a new report which calls the other 4, uses thier output, calculates new values and calls the next report.

Check link below

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Since it is is a custom report I suggest you to modify it such that it stores the value of each report in Memory

( Do not use IMOPORT/EXPORT as it will be cleared when the current session ends).

I believe you can't transfer internal table to memory using SET/GET Parameters.

From your explanation I understood that you need calculation part alone to be done by the system and the execution of reports will be done by you.If my understanding is wronh please revert.

The solution would be exporting/importing internal tables to database indexes.

So in each report, just before they being displayed add teh below code

DATA :w_indx_docov TYPE indx-usera.

w_indx_docov = sy-uname.

EXPORT (int_table) indx(<b>XX</b>) ID w_indx_docov.

Note : Replace <b>XX</b> with any 2 characters.This characters should be different for each internal table. Otherwise the content will be overwritten.

Similarly IMPORT it using

IMPORT (int_table)FROM DATABASE indx(XX) ID w_indx_docov..

<b>For your current scenario</b>

<b>EXPORT</b> internal table to database index in end of report <b>zrep1.</b>

In <b>zrep2</b> IMPORT from the database Index.

Please let me know if you need furher help.

Please reward points if you find this explanation useful.

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Hi SivaKumar,

well i think u have got me partly right,

here i go with more detail,

Report zrep1 needs to be executed every day with a variant, i need a field value from zrep1 and perform calculation ex tab1-fld1.

Result of zrep1 i use to calculate productivity for Inbound.

Rport2 zrep2 is executed every day , i need field value from zrep2 ( ex tab2-fld2) and zrep1.

say i use tab1-field1 + tab2-field2 to perform reqúired calclation.

Result of zrep1 and zrep2 i calculate the productivity for Replenishment.

I need this values to be stored for historical reason,

as this ill be used to run monthly reports and yearly too.

By using IMPORT AND EXPORT it ill be stored temporarly.

I hope it's clear wat i want.