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report programming

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Hi gurus,

There r so many predefined abap reports for all functionalities.

Again y v need to write our own reports .Actually I want to know the difference between them/

What are the differences between SAP Query and report programming

y v use them w


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There are predefined reports in abap,but they are created for specific functionalities using the master data or the data which doesnt change frequently.but when we come across a scenario where the data changes frequently for example in sales,every item sales and purchases vary with time,so to get the information of the sales of particular itam we write a report using the standard formats...

sap query: sap query is used to fetch the data from the data base tables..we create a report using the data available in the data base by retrieving it using the query..

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thank you,


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Thank u for responding but I am still not satisfied with ur answer.

Recently I was asked this question in TCS.

He told me that All predefined reports have the functionality what v r developing with oue own code.

n the second one, u misunderstood me . I am asking abt ABAP Query, The functional people will use.

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we may find the same functionality,but if it is required for you to add one more field to it which is considerably in another table and generate a report, customised reporting gives the ability to report on additional fields at our discretion, shifts the report maintenance burden , saving SAP support groups time .

ABAP/4 Query :

Many times a need arises for SAP Users and Functional Consultants to generate quick reports without getting any ABAP coding done – time taken to complete the coding in development, transport and test it in QA system and then transport to production – is sometimes too long. In such cases, ABAP/4 query is a tool provided by SAP for generating these kind of reports.

Every business is unique and SAP provides reporting tools for its users. For simple reports, you can used the ABAP/4 Query instead of writing reporting programs. If the reports specifications is not very complex, using the query will save you a lot of time. In the query, you can create your own calculation variable, define the sorting criteria, define the field arrangement and define whether you want to have totals.

The advantage with ABAP QUERY is logic required for classic & interactive reports system design automatically 80%.

and to create abap queries we follow certain steps:

SQ02 - Create the Functional Areas

SQ02 - Assign to User groups

SQ00 - Create the Basic Lists/Statistic/Ranked List

Basic Lists are details reports. Every records in the table are printed.

Statistic are summary reports. The records with the same keys are group together.

Ranked list are ranking report. e.g. The top 10 sales values.

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