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Renew certificate in ABAP system

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Dear all,

I am trying to renew an already existing certificate for a BW 3.5 system which was purchased last year from Verisign. When I sent the CSR request last year, it didn't have the field ST="State name", it only had the fields CN,O, OU, L, C for Common Name, Organisation, Organisation Unit, Locality and Country respectively. I could obtain a certificate from them without any problems.

Now, when I apply with the same CSR, I get the message that I can not get a new certificate cause the ST field is blank. I contacted Verisign and they said that they no longer issue certificates when the ST field is blank, I have to submit a CSR where the ST field is set to something in order to get a new certificate.

How can I do this? I was thinking of going in STRUST and replace the SSL Server PSE with a PSE that has the ST field set but I am not sure if my current certificate, which expires in 1 month will continue working if I change my current PSE (and therefore the public key)

Many thanks



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I exported the old SSL PSE and created a new one. As long as the ICM process is not restarted, the old certificate is working.